Charlene Heydorn

Founder & CEO

Before founding Redeeming Love, Charlene spent several years along with her husband, focused on small business development in Kyrgyzstan. Working alongside a team with Encompass World Partners, they developed the Osh Business and Training Center where they facilitated leadership training and development among local Kyrgyz and Uzbek peoples. At the same time, Charlene witnessed women experiencing domestic abuse and the cultural practice of bride kidnapping.  It was difficult for her to see women being oppressed through violence and force. As a mother for over 20 years, Charlene understands how vital it is for young girls to have guidance and support provided in a loving home. Whether it's navigating relationships, learning how to apply for a job, or gaining life skills such as cooking, she knows how difficult the challenges can be for a child to become an independent adult.  She is so grateful now for the opportunity to help provide the guidance that trafficked young women may need to have a hopeful future.



Anne Freed, MFT

Program Coordinator

Anne has spent over 15 years in the nonprofit sector. Working in ministry, she saw the struggles many were having serving in the states and overseas and wanted to help in some way. As a marriage and family therapist, she’s enjoyed being on her clients’ growth journeys and rejoicing with them in their triumphs. Several years ago she began getting involved in the movement of ending modern day slavery by bringing attention to the topic of sex trafficking. She is honored to have the opportunity to work with Redeeming Love and be an influence to women who have been oppressed and abused but are now free and on the road to thriving.

Senior Leadership team