The fight against sex-trafficking is no easy fight and requires many hands and hearts to bind together as a global team. There are a multitude of simple ways for you to get involved. The important thing to remember is that your efforts do not need to be extravagant or incredibly time-consuming. Whatever you can feasibly offer to the cause brings the fight closer to an end. Regardless of your particular skills, financial situation, or location, there is always something you can do to help fight sex-trafficking. Take action for the sake of those who are not able to take action themselves. What this fight really comes down to is activation. We need to activate hearts, hands, skills, and resources to join together and take on this cause with full force. Become a part of the team by doing whatever you can to fight for those in captivity. Provided below are just a few ways that everyone can contribute to the cause



1. If you see something suspicious, report it.

A practical way to fight the sex trafficking industry is to call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center if you see something that is strange or out of place. Be aware of signs that someone may be a sex trafficking victim, which may include an inability to speak to you alone, an overly crowded living space, signs of fear, or a cowering disposition. There may also be clear evidence of physical abuse. Many people convince themselves that what they are seeing is not actually abnormal or that their suspicions are overly dramatic. However, it is always better to call regardless of whether you are sure that your suspicions are warranted than to let your uneasiness go without action. Your call could be the first step in freeing someone from his or her captor. Make the call.

National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1(888)373-7888

2. Volunteer

Conduct some research and explore the ways that you can reach out in your own community to help. Volunteer for organizations that are providing shelter and resources to victims, or find an organization that you feel your particular skills could be put to the best use. There is always a way to contribute. What may seem like a small contribution to the fight turns into an incredibly powerful contribution when people join together with their individual skills. Do not let yourself believe that you have nothing to contribute because that is absolutely not true and is a powerful weapon used to weaken the fight against sex-trafficking. Every person can contribute in some way. You just need to take the time to get in touch with your local organizations to find out how they can plug you in.

3. Raise awareness

Awareness is absolutely crucial. Whether this is done through an on campus club that arranges events to view documentaries or whether it be a research paper that you conduct in a class with regard to the sex trafficking industry, utilize your personal skills to open people’ eyes to the reality of sex-trafficking. A huge obstacle to fighting this global industry is that many people are not aware that this industry even exists. If they are aware, few people have an accurate concept of this industry’s magnitude. Create posters. Have discussions with friends and family. Be bold about sharing the facts.

4. Mentorship

Mentorships that engage youth and adults can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to cutting off the demand for sex-trafficking. Our society needs knowledgeable role models to take people under their wing and teach people to be stewards of humanity. For example, as discussed in a previous Redeeming Love blog, it is critical that our men, women, and youth understand the harm caused by pornography. This awareness can be raised through mentorships and respected relationships built over time. Particularly among men, where the demand is most rampant, it is essential that the demand for pornography and sex be addressed and dismantled by wise adult mentors. Until the demand is diminished, sex-trafficking will continue to flourish.

5. Download the app, TraffickCam

This app is free and was created to help law enforcement identify hotel rooms where sex-trafficking victims were, or are, being abused. When you stay at a hotel, you can take pictures of your room with the app and submit it into the database. From here, investigators are able to crowd source these pictures to potentially match the room with pictures of girls they are seeing on sex-trafficking websites. This information can ultimately lead law enforcement to the pimp, which then allows them to dismantle a sex-trafficking ring.