A core part of our residential program and wrap-around or holistic care for sex trafficked survivors involves spiritual development. The women who enter our program come from all different faith backgrounds and all are welcome. But we do offer Christ-centered activities for those who are interested in participating.

Program for sex trafficking victims in southern california

The First Month of A Survivor’s Journey with Us

The first month of our program is critical in establishing routine and offering structure. Sex trafficking survivors are used to a life of chaos. So routine, while an important part of their new daily life, is typically a struggle to get used to.

We start our days in the home with either a devotion or a gratitude journaling experience. Starting off the day focusing on good things helps orient the residents’ mindsets on positive things which contributes to the effectiveness of their time in the program overall.

Additionally, the first month a resident is with us she attends church. This isn’t to force a particular faith on the resident - that isn’t helpful or effective - but rather, it’s designed to expose her to a faith option. After the first month, she is welcome to sit the experience out and we support her as she explores alternatives.

The Best Expression of Our Faith

We firmly believe that the best way to reflect Jesus to our residents is through a loving community environment that supports the women in their healing. Their journey of freedom from trafficking is an arduous one with many ups and downs. The most help we can provide is by offering a consistent, loving environment committed to their growth.

When the residents realize they have options, that something is not being forced on them, they are able to explore decision-making skills that they weren't able to develop while under the control of their pimps and traffickers.

Where Growth Takes Place

We facilitate spiritual growth opportunities for our residents inside and outside the home. As much as possible, we want the residents to develop relationships with other girls who have not been trafficked. This way, the survivors can gain from the experience of those from different backgrounds.

But it’s important for survivors of sex trafficking to not feel different or special - like they need to be treated with kid-gloves. Sometimes when people learn about a survivor’s background, they begin to treat her differently, and this can interfere with relational development.

It’s a Process

One thing our regular supporters will likely know about our program is that it’s always in process, just like our survivor residents. We are always exploring ways to improve and customize the program for our current residents. Our approach is to work with a few women in each home so that we can adapt to their needs. While this does take a lot of tweaking and constant review, we think it provides the amplest opportunity to help our residents develop into the unique women they are and were created to be.

If you are as excited about this program as we are, we invite you to join us at a deeper and crucial level by becoming a Guardian. This work is only possible through the ongoing commitment of our monthly donors.