January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month (NHTAM). January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. That’s all fine and dandy except words don’t mean much without action, right?

We talk with people every day who aren’t sure how they can make a difference to end human trafficking. Sometimes they don’t realize how LOCAL the issue is. Or they do know it’s local, but they don’t feel they have the experience or finances to make an impact.

But the truth is, the people who make the most impact on a regular basis are people with limited time and resources. They simply CARE about the cause and choose to do something about it.

If you’re a person with limited time and resources, but you CARE, then this post is for you.

Here are three simple ways you can make a difference this month. We invite you to get involved and join the cause.

Movie screening for human trafficking awareness

Host a movie screening

Have a TV or a laptop? Have access to a large screen like a projector or theater? Even better! Host a movie screening to educate your network on how prevalent sex trafficking is local.

You can invite just your friends and family and host in a home. Or you can turn it into a larger event by hosting the screening at a local church, school, community center, etc., and sharing the event on Facebook and Eventbrite.

We recommend the below documentaries to shed light on local trafficking and you can purchase or stream them on Amazon.

  • Nefarious: Merchant of Souls
  • In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom

Make it fun!

When going the moving screening route, you might consider serving popcorn and refreshments. You can even get really creative with these fun supplies:


Movie tickets.JPG

Make it informative

Before and after the movie, explain why you are hosting the event, what it means to you, and what people can do about it if they feel compelled. Hint: Share about Redeeming Love!

You can even do a raffle to keep people around until the end!


Dinner party for human trafficking awareness

Host a gathering of a few people in your home

Movie screenings not really your thing? Are you a technophobe - afraid of anything involving audio/visual equipment? Invite a few people over for an intimate dinner or game night. Make it personal - do whatever feels most comfortable. Be sure to tell them why you’re inviting them so they don’t feel caught off guard. But NHTAM is a great reason to highlight. In the midst of the socializing, help them understand the context of the issue, why you are an activist, and how they can get involved (again -shameless plug for Redeeming Love!).

Need some handouts to share?

Download our brochures here

Polaris Project: Sex trafficking in the US



Share on social media

You simply may not have time to host a movie screening or invite a few people over to your home, especially this month during NHTAM. We get it - no problem! Even YOU can share on social media. Be sure to follow our social media profiles and reshare our posts throughout January. Or create something of your own. Here are some ideas:

Facebook Live

Film yourself or a group of friends on Facebook Live sharing about the cause and why you’re involved.

Instagram Stories

Share via a series of stories about the cause and your involvement. You can film yourself and post pictures with captions to educate your community.


Think only your friends and family might be interested in ending human trafficking? Think again! Showing that you are involved in your community can boost your professional connections as well as inspire other professionals and businesses to take an active role. Share through a LinkedIn post or article about your involvement. Highlight relevant statistics from Polaris Project to add some substance.


Ready to undertake one of these ideas?

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